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City Of Horse Cave 



The Horse Cave Local Historic District Design Guidelines are a continuation of preservation-related activities that began in 1977 with a county-wide survey that was conducted by the Kentucky Heritage Council. Hart County was re-surveyed between 1994 and 1995 and at that time the City of Horse Cave was recommended to be listed in the National Register of Historic Places. On August 2, 2001, the Horse Cave Historic District was listed in the National Register of Historic Places funded in part by the Kentucky Heritage Council.

On April 9, 2001, the City of Horse Cave adopted the Horse Cave Historic Preservation Ordinance # 2000-008 that established a Board of Architectural Review and authorized the designation and protection of historic preservation districts and individual landmarks.

Five interested individuals were appointed by the Mayor to serve on the Horse Cave Board of Architectural Review. This Board is responsible for reviewing Certificates of Appropriateness applications for projects for projects within the local historic as well as the Renaissance Kentucky Area, The Design Guidelines, prepared over a two year period with the Board of Architectural Review and the general public, were adopted by the Horse Cave City Council in 2004.

The City of Horse Cave has established a local historic district that centers on the downtown area. Changes to the building exterior that can be seen from street level of buildings listed in the local historic district must be approved prior to work beginning by the local BOAR committee (Ordinance #2000-088, adopted April 9, 2001).

Changes include but are not limited to windows, brick, mortar, trim, paint colors, doors, awnings, and signage which also must meet local zoning. The purpose of these regulations is to protect adjoining properties from devaluation due to improper remodeling and to insure the historic significance of the properties. Contact Donna Logsdon at 270-528-4697 or email [email protected] for information, suggestions, and support before beginning work.

Design Guidelines

Certificate of appropriateness Application

Click here to download the BOAR brochure, call City Hall at 270-786-2680 or email [email protected]

Board Members           Contact: (270)786-2680

Ann Matera, Secretary (Not pictured)

Joy Bennett 

Jesse Sims, Vice-Chair

Donna Logsdon- Consultant/ Architect

Randall Curry, Mayor/ex-officio member

 Sandra Wilson

  Marcia Witherspoon, Chair