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City Of Horse Cave 


Horse Cave Cemeteries Regulations


Guthrie Street - Main Street

Existing plants, shrubbery, trees, benches, raised curbs or fencing will remain unless

deemed inappropriate, dangerous, or harmful to the public by the Cemetery Supervisor

  1. The certificate of interment rights conveys only the right to be interred in the interment space(s) and in no way is any real estate title conveyed to the Purchaser
  2. The right of burial in any interment lot shall be granted to the owner of said lot or legal heirs only. The Cemetery Supervisor and/or City Clerk will verify heirs by legal documentation
  3. The right of burial once granted, either by writing or by allowing a memorial bearing a person's name to be erected, cannot be revoked
  4. Ownership of interment rights cannot be transferred without approval of the Cemetery Supervisor and/or City Clerk. A transfer fee will be charged for a new Certificate of Interment Rights
  5. All burials must be in approved metal or concrete vaults. Cremation boxes or urns are acceptable
  6. The interment lot(s) is to be used for interment purposes only and the Purchaser’s rights are limited by and subject to the Cemetery’s rules and regulations now existing or as amended in the future.
  7. ONE casket/vault or TWO cremation containers are permitted per interment lot. Only the City has the right to open and close an interment space
  8. Mausoleums require extra lots to accommodate their width and length. (A single mausoleum requires two side by side lots, double/three lots, etc) Foundation fee required
  9. Planting of any kind of bush, shrub, tree, or other flora is discouraged and must meet approval of the Cemetery Supervisor
  10. No glass containers, raised curbing or fencing are allowed
  11. All footstones must be flush with the ground in order to facilitate mowing
  12. Any ornaments, heirlooms, trinkets, flowers, plants, arrangements or types of boxes must be attached securely to the headstones. Those not securely attached or dislodged by wind or other means may be discarded. Any damage caused by vandalism, theft, non-cemetery personnel, weather or acts of God are not the Cemetery’s responsibility.
  13. Shepherd's poles, hooks, arches and the like, must be placed next to the headstone
  14. No benches are allowed at gravesite
  15. No shells, mulched or carpeted plots are allowed
  16. All monument work must be of good quality marble or granite by a licensed monument company. A twelve-inch footer (permit required) must be poured for each new stone and approved by the Cemetery Supervisor. Monuments are owned by the Purchaser and any guarantee or repair necessary is the responsibility of the Owner/Purchaser
  17. All flowers, plants, wreaths, etc. will be removed from an interment lot 7 days after a funeral EXCEPTION: Those securely attached to headstone(#12) or properly placed shepherd’s poles(#13)
  18. The perpetual care and maintenance of the Cemetery grounds, interment lots, driveways and walkways is the responsibility of the City including mowing, trimming, leveling, seeding, tree trimming, or other maintenance as deemed necessary by the Cemetery Supervisor
  19. Be considerate of families: NO parking on graves, NO loitering, NO recreational riding of horses, ponies, mopeds, scooters, motorcycles, ATV’s, go-carts, golf carts, skates, hover boards, skateboards, razers, segways and the like
  20. Dogs and other pets must be kept on a leash and the owner is responsible for removing any waste
  21. The cemetery hereby disclaims responsibility of an act of God that may injure either bodily or materially any person or thing within the cemetery
  22. The cemetery shall always have land designated for pauper burials
  23. No pets are to be buried in the cemetery
  24. A copy of the regulations are available with every Certificate of Interment Right purchase and the City’s website