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City Of Horse Cave 




The purpose of the Code Enforcement Board is to protect, promote and improve the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the City by providing an equitable, expeditious, effective and inexpensive method of ensuring compliance with non-criminal ordinances in force within the City.  

Board Members                   Contact: (270) 786-2680

Don Ford                                 

Dean Froedge                         

Tim Tucker                             

 Kevin Cox     

Randy Russell    


  • LOCATION: City Hall/ Council Chambers
  • ADDRESS: 121 Woodlawn Avenue
  • MEETS: Second Monday of each month
  • TIME: 5:00pm        

Additional Information:

The Code Enforcement Officer:

  • Uses the International Property Maintenance Code as his guide, adopted by the City May 9, 2011, ordinance 2011-03
  • Works closely with the State building, electrical, plumbing, health, and HVAC inspectors, the Kentucky Fire Marshal Office and city police when the need arises 

Meeting Minutes

6-9-14      July-(No Meeting)     August 2014      September 2014

 October-(No Meeting)    November 2014       December 2014

 January 2015-(No Meeting)       February 2015                   March 2015-(No Meeting)

April 2015          May 2015     June 2015             July 2015

August 2015-(No Meeting)      September 2015       October 2015 

November 2015    December 2015-(No meeting) Jan 2016-(No Meeting)

February 2016-(No Meeting)    March 2016     Apr 2016   May 2016

June2016      July2016      August2016       Sept/Oct2016      November2016

 December 2016    January 2017   February17-(no meeting)      March 2017  

 April2017       May2017      June2017-(no meeting)                  July2017-(no meeting)  

 August2017-(no meeting)      September2017                   Oct2017-(no meeting)   

 Nov2017-(no meeting)    Dec17(no meeting)    Jan18               Feb18-(no meeting)

 Mar18      Apr18      May18      June18      July18     Aug18    Sept18     Oct18

Nov18      Dec18      Jan19-(no meeting)     Feb19                    Mar19-(no meeting)      

 Apr19-(no meeting)  May19     June19     July19     Aug19     Sept19

Oct19-(no meeting)     Nov19-(no meeting)     Dec19      Jan20      Feb20

 Mar20-(no meeting) Apr20-(no meeting) May20-(no meeting)  

 Jun20-(no meeting) Jul20-(no meeting) Aug20-(no meeting) Sept20-(no meeting)    

 Oct 20-(no meeting) Nov 20-(no meeting) Dec 20-(no meeting)

 Jan 21-(no meeting) Feb 21-(no meeting) Mar 21-(no meeting)         

   Apr 21 May 21 June 21 July 21              

   Aug 21 Sept 21 Oct 21 Nov 21 Dec 21

Code Enforcement Reports

    November 2014         December 2014                               January 2015-(No meeting)

   February 2015             March 2015          April 2015               May 2015

    June 2015        July 2015     Aug 2015-(No meeting)    Sept 2015

   October 2015         November 2015     Dec 2015-(No meeting)    

 May 2017       June 2017     July 2017        August 2017         Sept/Oct 2017

 December 2016    January 2017   February17-(no meeting)      March 2017  

March2018       April2018      May18      June18      July18      Aug18    Sept18

 Oct18     Nov18     Dec18     Jan19     Feb19     Mar19-(no meeting)       

 Apr-(no meeting)     May19     June19     July19     Aug19     Sept19

 Oct19-(no meeting)     Nov19-(no meeting)     Dec19       Jan20        Feb20

 Mar20-(no meeting) Apr20-(no meeting) May20-(no meeting)      

  Jun 20-(no meeting) Jul 20-(no meeting) Aug 20-(no meeting)          

  Sept 20-(no meeting) Oct 20-(no meeting)   

 Nov 20-(no meeting) Dec 20-(no meeting)

 Jan 21-(no meeting) Feb 21-(no meeting)      

   Mar 21-(no meeting) Apr 21 May 21      

   June 21 July 21 Aug 21       

 Sept 21 Oct 21 Nov 21 Dec 21