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City Of Horse Cave 





Internet Use Policy

The City of Horse Cave provides this free, public Internet access via an open wireless network. It is not possible for us to protect you against malicious theft or the interception of any data transmitted over the Internet. The City of Horse Cave is not responsible for the quality of transmissions, interruptions in connectivity or loss of data/information as a result of using this wireless service.

This wireless network is intended for lawful purposes only. This public wireless service may not be used to violate any standards, laws or regulations of local, state or federal governments/agencies, or International treaty.

User hereby releases the City of Horse Cave from all liability arising from any content accessed via the wireless network. The City of Newton shall not be held liable for any damages to user's equipment or for modifications made to hardware necessary to access this network. City staff does not provide any technical support with this access. The City of Horse Cave shall be held harmless as a direct or indirect result of the wireless user's use of this public network.

The City makes no guarantees for access and reserves the right to limit bandwidth per connection. By continuing with access to this wireless service, user agrees to the City of Horse Cave's stipulations for use.


Wi-Fi Information

The City of Horse Cave is committed to the development of a free outdoor Wi-Fi Internet service in various locations throughout the local designated historic district. 

The goals of the City's Wi-Fi project are: 

  • To attract more customers to the downtown business district
  • Support existing businesses and attract new businesses
  • Support the existing award winning walking tour
  • Encourage the use of public parks and facilities
  • Enable more citizens to access services online

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where can I connect?
    The City's Wi-Fi is currently available outdoors in many locations in the downtown district.

  • How can I connect?
    To use this service, you need a functioning device — such as a laptop computer, smart phone, IPad, etc. that has a properly configured wireless network adapter. Using your device outdoors, scan for Wi-Fi networks. Connect to the network called "Horse Cave Wi-Fi". You will then be directed to a web page where you must acknowledge the City's internet use policy to gain access.

  • Is the Free Wi-Fi a secure network?
    The wireless network built by the City of Horse Cave is more secure than other networks such as cable modems, DSL, or other free Internet hotspot used as you travel. All traffic transmitted between the City's Wi-Fi nodes and the internet is secure and encrypted. The City's Wi-Fi nodes do not allow one computer to see another computer and thus all wireless network traffic is secure within the City. This network was installed as an open and free network to allow all types of wireless devices such as laptops, cameras, iPhones, iPod Touches, etc to connect easily, but still remain secure. However, it is not possible for the City to protect you against malicious theft or the interception of data once you are on the Internet.

  • Can I use the Wi-Fi to run my business?
    Contact City Hall at 270-786-2680 for business use. The Wi-Fi is intended for outdoor, casual use. However if the Wi-Fi meets your business needs and you agree to the Internet use policy, then there is nothing preventing you from using it.

  • Does the City block any websites?
    Yes, the Internet connection for the Wi-Fi uses an internet filter for adult content, gambling, virus/spam and other sites and are not viewable.

  • Does the City collect any information about me or my computer?
    The City does not have access to your computer or collect any personal information of users connecting to the Wi-Fi. The system does however collect computer information such as type of computer, operating system, and Wifi usage.

  • Who can help me with my wireless adapter?
    City staff does not provide any technical support with this access. There are local computer service providers that can assist you with computer's wireless adapter.

  • Why does the Free Wi-Fi not show up in my list of available wireless networks?
    The City's Wi-Fi was constructed primarily for outdoor access. However in some locations the signal is strong enough to reach indoors. If you are close to an access point, but still cannot connect, then you may need to purchase a stronger Wi-Fi antenna. You may receive a stronger signal at a window facing an access point.

  • Can I use the Wi-Fi on my smartphone?
    Yes! In fact, most of the devices that connect are smartphones. Once you make the wifi connection, you must browse the internet and accept the City's Internet Use Policy.

  • How long can I use the Wi-Fi?
    Wi-Fi connections may be terminated after 12 hours. The user must reconnect and acknowledge the Internet Use Policy to continue. We encourge users to be mindfull of others when accessing the free service.